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January 10, 2013
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  Felix finally finished his classes and the bell rang, signalling lunch had started. He walked down the stairs to the lunchroom.
Lunchbag in hand, he scanned around the room, looking at all the pure white tables for a spot to sit at. As he looked around, he spotted some kids that he recognized from his class as they waved for him to come over.
 "Hey, Felix! Come sit with us!" they called.
 "All right!" he responded cheerfully as he came over to them. One of them shifted over a seat so he could sit in the middle of the group. Felix unzipped his small bag and took out a small plastic-wrapped sandwich. He took a bite as he listened to their conversation.
 "So, I was thinking that maybe we could all show you around after we eat! There are some really cool places to hang out here!" one named Jeremy asked him.
 "That would be great!" Felix replied, looking around the loud room at the kids eating lunch. He noticed at the end of one of the tables across the room was Ryan, eating his lunch all alone. A group of kids from another class was at the opposite side, hunched together and talking, paying no attention to him. He turned his head back to the group. "Can Ryan come with us?" Felix added hopefully. The group exchanged a glance.
 "Well, uh," A kid with light blonde hair named Monty mumbled, "Ryan is...Kind of weird, and doesn't really talk with us or hang out with us, so no."
 "But he's all alone!" Felix protested.
 "I guess he chooses to He likes being alone." Jeremy shrugged. Felix sat up.
 "No one chooses to be all alone. I'll talk with him and see. Thanks for inviting me to show me around. I'll see you guys later." Felix said angrily. He got up from his seat at the group looked at each other. Felix strided along to the table where Ryan sat and took a seat across from him.
 "Hey Ryan, what's up?" Felix asked hopefully. Ryan took another bite of his pizza, and looked up at him. He shrugged, not answering, continuing to chew. He swallowed after a moment, blinking.
 "Oh, y'know.." he said awkwardly, "eating lunch alone, I guess." Felix frowned at him sympathetically.
 "Want some company? You seem lonely." he asked.
 Ryan shook his head. "No one usually sits with me, and I guess I'm used to it."
 "Oh come on! No one should be used to sitting alone! I'm sitting here, and I'm not taking no for an answer. They said you like being alone, and I can't stand that!" Felix complained to him. Ryan frowned sadly, weakness reflecting in his gaze.
 "They were lying. They told me to get away from them, and that I'll always be a loser." Ryan answered softly.
 Felix gasped. "Those jerks don't know anything anyway!" he looked over his shoulder at the group of kids he had sat with. Their eyes were narrowed. They wouldn't care if he hung out with him or not. "Come on, Ryan. As soon as you're done, maybe we could play on the playground!" Felix suggested. Ryan shook his head.
 "I really would just want to draw.." he responded, "and I'm not really good at games. But if..if you say so." He put the rest of his pizza in a container and slipped it into his lunchbag. He stood up and so did Felix, and Felix led the way out of the stuffy lunchroom. "Which way to the playground?" he asked.
 "This way." Ryan reponded, heading for a blue door. He pushed it open and outside was a large schoolyard, with kids migling in the shade of the building. Felix urged Ryan to go out onto the playground with him, so finally he did. Felix finally was able to get Ryan to play a round of tag with him on the playground until the bell rang. Felix really liked how after you get Ryan to play a little bit, he becomes a really fun person. Felix and Ryan grabbed their lunchbags by the door and walked back to class after lunch was over, and they shoved their way back to Room 11 as kids swarmed the halls to get to their own classes. They sighed as they sat back down and Ryan continued drawing in his notebook as Mr. Wenden began a lesson. Felix looked at the clock. He had three periods to go before he could go home on the bus finally and sleep. He was tired out, and really wanted to play the new video game he had bought at the store a few days ago. He put his head on his binder as he listened to Mr. Wenden's voice, not really paying attention. Felix was really happy at this school. He was going to have a great year.
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Apologies for it not being so long this time! I was seriously multitasking with other things, and my creative thoughts switched off halfway through as you can tell. XD Hope you like anyway!
SprinkleKitteh Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
DeejayPony Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
LeilasRose Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Apologie accepted ^.^ On to the next one!
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