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January 10, 2013
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 "Hello there, ma'am. I'm new. My name's Felix." The voice of a young boy sounded from over the desk. An older woman looked up from her attendance sheet folders to see a young boy standing on the other side. He looked nervous, his smile forced and he was shaking slightly. His hair was neatly combed and he had a backpack on, his hands holding on firmly to the straps. The woman behind the desk smiled and said "Hello there, Felix. Nice to meet you. Can I have your last name, please?" She got up from her chair and pulled a clipboard out of a filing cabinet nearby.
 Felix was silent for a moment when he realized he needed to answer and she was staring at him. "Oh! Um, my Yes, it's Kjellberg. K-j-e-l-l-b-e-r-g." he spelled it out for her and she nodded. At that point the assistant Principal walked in to the office.
"Hi, are you Felix? How are you doing? I'm Mr. Stensen, but everyone calls me Mr. S. How was your winter break?" he asked with a smile. Felix just shrugged and said "Oh y'know, a lot of stress from the move and stuff, we didn't have a lot of time to spend for Christmas but we were still able to celebrate. I just hope the move was worth it and this new year is good." he responded. The assistant Principal nodded.
 "Well, come on. Your mom dropped off the rest of the paperwork the other day, so you're good to go. I'll show you your classroom then?" he gestured with his hand to follow him and he exited the office, holding the door open for the new student. They walked side by side up a flight of stairs, and walked down a long hall. After a bit they stopped at room 11. They both walked in together. A large silly bearded man was talking to his class. At the back were a few girls in the back who were whispering quietly and were giggling. As they entered, the big man stopped talking and turned to them. He smiled and held out a hand to Felix.
 "Hi there!" he greeted him as Felix shook his hand. "I'm Mr. Wenden but for now you can call me Mr. W if you forget." he winked, "everyone always does!" he added.
 Mr. S nodded approvingly. "Now Felix, if you have any questions or anything, ask any of your teachers, or come find me." Felix nodded back saying he understood, and the AP left the room. Mr. Wenden cleared his throat.
 "Now class, today we have a new student. This is Felix. Come and introduce yourself!" he motioned for him to speak. Felix felt hot. The eyes of every kid were on him.
 "'m Felix and I'm from Sweden. My English isn't perfect but it's okay and it'll get better." he nodded to Mr. Wenden.
 "All right, Felix, well let's get you a seat. Let's see.." he scanned across the room, "how about you sit next to Ryan? He's new this year too, so you have something in common. Soon I'll make another seating plan but for now it'll do."
 "Okay." Felix nodded and walked over to the empty desk he had pointed to. The eyes of his classmates were still fixed on him, but some were beginning to continue working on what they were doing. He noticed some were sketching on bright solid color posters. He dropped his backpack on the floor beside his desk and sat down. Beside him was a short, skinny, uncomfortable looking boy with between brownish and dirty blonde hair and deep blue eyes, his skin was pale yet his cheeks were reddish and he looked even more nervous than he was.
 "H-hi there." the uncomfortable boy faked a smile. "I-I'm Ryan. N-nice to meet you.."
 "Yeah, nice to meet you too. So what do we do?" Felix asked him awkwardly.
 "Well, I guess we work on these posters that's like us in poster size, y'know?" Ryan showed his. It was sketchy, but amazing. Though the character sketched out on the page looked nothing like him, it somewhat matched him. It was a little white dollish thing with no arms and two little legs. Its face was a circle with a long line, or probably singular hair, coming out the top. Its face was two little uneven circles with a long line for a mouth. It had a shading of pink little cheeks.
 "Wow.." Felix breathed, "that is SO amazing!" he praised.
Ryan looked embarrassed. "This?" he asked, holding up the light green piece of poster paper. "it's not my best, but it's really the best I feel I can do right now. This," he pointed to the paper, "is Cry. It' do I explain me, almost. Represented im this way. It doesn't look like me, but it's really me. It's shy like me, and..curious like me." he explained, his shy voice soft. Felix nodded his head in understanding.
 "Don't worry about it, Ryan. I know what you mean. I do." Felix responded.
 "Well, go ask Mr. Wenden for a piece of poster paper." Ryan explained again. He groaned,
 "Okay, but I'm not much of an artist.."

After grabbing a piece of light blue poster paper, he began to doodle up a figure of himself. His feet were jagged and divided into five sections for toes, he drew jagged lines on the top of the head for hair, the hands were wide and he added an extra finger by accident, and one eye was way bigger than the other. The nose was sharp and pointed in a silly way, and the ears looked as if you taped watermelons to the sides of your head.
 "Done! Now to colour!" He took out the colored pencils from his bag, and began to add in all the colors out of the line. Finally when he went over it in Sharpie he was done. He signed it and handed it to the teacher. Mr. Wenden looked it over and smiled. Great job, Felix. This'll be your first mark of the year. I have you next period."
 Felix sat down and checked his timetable. It said break was between the next period. When it was break, Felix took out a fruit cup and spoon, and began eating it. After a couple of moments, a few boys with black, brunette and long blonde hair came over to him and gave him a stare.
 "How did you get him to talk? He never talks!" one quickly questioned.
 "Eh, what?" Felix stuttered, confused.
 "Him!" the second pointed a finger to Ryan's desk, where he sat doodling on the cover of his notebook.
 "Who, Ryan?" he asked.
 "Yes!" the first answered, annoyed.
 "Um, well, I don't know, I guess we just introduced ourselves and he showed me what he was working on." he explained. As he spoke, they were nodding slowly, their eyes narrowed as if they didn't believe him.
 "Oh. 'kay, got it." the second one nodded and they all turned away to their seats. Felix sat back down. Ryan didn't look up from his doodles on his notebook. "What was that all about?" he muttered softly.
 Felix stared at the back of his head, surprised by his question. He shook his head.
 "I don't even know." he explained.
 "Don't go near them, they'll cause you trouble." Ryan's voice was soft, but there was undisguised hatred in his voice.
 "Uh, okay." Felix didn't want to ask more, just nodded and sat back in his desk, playing a tapping rhythm with his teeth. He spotted the notebook in the corner of his vision as he looked straight ahead.
 "Whatchu drawing on there?" he asked.
 "Cry." he responded.
 Felix stared at him. He didn't understand why those boys had asked him how he was able to talk to him. He also wondered if he specifically only talked to him because he was a new kid.
 I guess there aren't a lot of new kids here, then? Felix thought. He looked over at Ryan and smiled. I guess that makes us the same, then.
The bell rang, snapping him out of his thoughts.
Mr. Wenden's voice rang above the noise.
 "Good work today, class. We continue on this tomorrow!"
Felix got up to head for the door. He stopped to wait for his new friend. "You coming?" he asked.
Ryan didn't get up from his spot. "Yeah, in a moment." he waved for him to go ahead as he assembled his things together.
 "Okay." he nodded as he headed for the door. The day was full of surprises. What was going to happen next?
Next: [link]

I'm really excited for how this will turn out! Hope you all enjoy it!
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this is going to be good :)
DeejayPony Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you ;u;
SprinkleKitteh Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sounds alot like our school.... very nice job though! :dummy:
DeejayPony Feb 22, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
I know! I based it off Georgia's first day, to be honest! xD She noticed right away while reading it!
DeejayPony Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thank you! ^^
DeejayPony Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
DeejayPony Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks bro! ^^
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